Home Technical Hafnia enters into agreement with F-Drones

Hafnia enters into agreement with F-Drones

Following collaboration with F-drones in June 2020 to trial their drone service, to deliver goods to vessels anchored in Singapore – Hafnia has officially entered into an agreement with F-Drones in September 2022.

In June 2020, Hafnia conducted a successful test of using drones to deliver small payloads to Hafnia vessels anchored in Singapore. This partnership enabled F-Drones with a testing platform to further their long-range drone delivery offerings.

Further tests were carried out in 2022 with their new drones with higher range and on successful completion of these tests, Hafnia has entered an agreement to use drones for deliveries to Singapore based vessels depending on the right circumstances.

F-drones will enable Hafnia to rely less on the use of boats to deliver smaller loads to vessels, and thereby reduce CO2 emissions with every trip.

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