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About us

With “Cyprus Shipping News” we aim to keep you updated with news regarding the developing transition of the shipping, maritime and energy of Cyprus and with world-wide shipping news.

We all know we live at a moment of information overload, when there is arguably more and better news coverage than ever before but when something essential risks being lost: The time and ambition to break out of the news cycle, to pull back from the flood to understand what it’s all about. To look of what is happening in our country’s shipping industry. I hope you appreciate the news and announcements we send out on a daily basis and read the available daily news on our CSN portal.

CSN website is a hybrid that combines the beauty, coherence and perspective of a weekly print newspaper with all the timeliness, accessibility and interactivity of an online one. We have built it to reflect and to showcase our unique content, features, interviews and articles in the Cyprus shipping industry. We hope our readers, will find the site as appealing and accessible as we do.

The daily newsletter is distributed via email and all the posts are available on our social media to readers of the shipping industry, Facebook, LinkedIn Groups and many other platforms.