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New order for freezing plant to new Stern Trawler to Luntos

The Russian deepwater fishing company Luntos Co. Ltd. has signed the contract for another state-of-the-art stern trawler to be built at VARD Vang Tau shipyard in Vietnam.
Luntos operates out of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatky in the Far Eastern Russian Economic Fishing Zones and Western Bering Sea.

The new vessel will be newbuild no. 923 at VARD Vang Tau, have a length of 87 meter, and will be of VARD design 8 04. This design features a range of innovations to ensure optimal productivity, sustainability, and operational efficiency, delivering high performance in the most demanding environmental conditions.
Further the design ensures highly efficient catch handling and processing facilities for palletized, refrigerated, and frozen fish.

This will be the second trawler from VARD delivered to Luntos Co. Ltd., and it will be the second trawler equipped with cargo refrigeration plant from Teknotherm.
The capacity of the freezing plant will be of 210 tons per 24 hours designed to maintain premium fish quality.
The refrigeration machinery will be using environmental-friendly Ammonia as refrigerant, having no impact the green-house effect or ozone layer.

The catch will be treated with slurry-ice throughout the process from loading onboard and until being frozen in a number of vertical plate freezers.

After the freezing-in process and further packing and palletizing, the frozen fish will be stored in the cargo holds, and maintained at -30°C by air coolers chilled by cold brine, eliminating ammonia in the cargo holds. A system Teknotherm successfully has installed on several similar type fishing vessels.

To utilize the produced offal, the vessel has also been provided with a fish meal plant with the raw material handling capacity of 50 tons per 24 hours. The fish meal will be stored in a chilled room, having fan type air coolers, also indirectly cooled by cold brine.

Delivery of ship is scheduled in Q3 – 2022.

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