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KONGSBERG’s Vessel Insight gains DNV GL acceptance

KONGSBERG’s ship-to-cloud data infrastructure service, Vessel Insight, has been qualified by technical advisor to the maritime industry, DNV GL. Safety and cyber security were the critical parameters in the recently completed Technical Qualification.

Digitalization is on the cusp of transforming the maritime industry, enabling operators to increase efficiency and safety, and to address new and stricter environmental standards. The first step is for operators to gain access to quality data from their vessels. Each ship represents a unique configuration, and considerations such as poor or no connectivity and various vendor systems onboard renders standardization challenging.

KONGSBERG identified this industry challenge and launched Vessel Insight as a subscription-based, cost-efficient service for operators to begin standardizing their data collection and contextualization, leveraging the company’s long history as a system integrator and leading provider of automation and information management  systems. Now, the novel technology behind Vessel Insight has been qualified by DNV GL through their Technical Qualification program.

“A secure and reliable data infrastructure plays a critical role in enabling the digitalization of the maritime industry. The safety of crew and vessel as well as the confidentiality, integrity and availability of vessel data are key requirements for creating value with digital solutions. The systematic approach used by DNV GL as part of the Technical Qualification provides evidence that Vessel Insight meets these requirements,” says Andreas Jagtøyen, EVP Digital Ocean, Kongsberg Digital.

A Technical Qualification from DNV GL is an independent assessment, providing evidence that a technology will function within specified operational limits with an acceptable level of confidence. This qualification helps the developing party, KONGSBERG, to ensure certainty associated with working ahead of standards, and it gives an independent evaluation on the technology’s safety, security and quality to customers and the market.

DNV GL writes in their report: “Vessel Insight, consisting of both hardware and software, is intended to enable capturing data onboard a vessel, transfer this data securely to the cloud, and provide access to operational insights based on this data to onshore fleet operations staff.”

Following the Technical Qualification process in which safety and cybersecurity were the critical parameters, DNV GL is of the opinion that the Vessel Insight functions within specified operational limits with an acceptable level of confidence.

The Statement of Qualified Technology was extended on October 15th, 2020.

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