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Inmarsat 2020 Superyacht Connectivity Survey opens

The research programme will analyse data from skippers, senior crew, chief engineers and technical professionals on vessels ranging from 24m to over 100m to gain targeted insight on respondents’ awareness and current use of on-board VSAT technology, and the future requirements for global connectivity solutions in the superyacht market.

The 2020 Inmarsat Superyacht Connectivity Report will be published later this year to assist industry professionals involved in the management and use of on-board satcoms. It will also support our commitment to match our leading services with current and future superyacht requirements and provide the best, most reliable connectivity at sea globally.

Data revolution

As digitalisation, large scale very small aperture terminal (VSAT) usage and the need for effective on-board cyber security increases in the sector, we tailor our research each year to reflect this maritime data revolution. Emphasis is given to operational, guest and crew use and needs, onboard data speed and airtime expectations, and cyber safety measures and training.

Peter Broadhurst, Senior Vice President, Yachting and Passenger, Inmarsat Maritime said: “As part of our efforts to work with superyacht captains and engineers, Inmarsat is pleased to launch the third Superyacht Connectivity Survey. We would like to ask key professionals to take 20 minutes to provide their input to help Inmarsat create a valuable resource for the superyacht industry that will be hugely beneficial in enabling more informed decisions and creating awareness of the latest technology and its potential.

“Building on the 2018 and 2019 reports, the 2020 report will be able to capture key trends and insights by addressing the specific requirements driving the demand for continuous global on-board connectivity.”

Forefront of digitalisation

We have established our position at the forefront of the expansion of digitalisation in the superyacht sector through a range of fully-integrated maritime communication solutions for superyachts. This includes our gold standard Fleet Xpress platform, incorporating a range of benefits such as affordable voice calls, multiple voice options for crew and operations, and high-speed broadband for internet access, plus 24/7 online support by certified engineers.

Additional services for captains and crew include our new managed Wi-Fi solution Fleet Hotspot, a multi-layer cyber defence solution Fleet Secure portfolio, and Fleet Data, the maritime industry’s first secure IoT platform.

Superyacht professionals can access the survey here and are not required to provide personal details.

Find details of our previous two Inmarsat Superyacht Connectivity Reports in 2018 and 2019, in association with The Superyacht Group.

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