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Streamlining Technical Management, Safety & Compliance

According to the 2019 Review of Maritime Transport published by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, more than 50,000 ships are active on the ocean today responsible for the carriage of around 90% of world trade. Technological advancements have paved the way and the maritime industry is now reliant upon the best software solutions in order to ensure compliance to regulatory requirements, increase efficiency, reduce cost and improve the bottom line, moving towards a paperless environment.

OceanManager is a maritime software consultancy company with a 10-year-old rich history, established in California, with branches in Singapore, India & Greece at Akti Miaouli of Piraeus. We offer Fleet Management, Operational Intelligence data smart software products, and bespoke services for Technical Management, that can help the Ship Owners and Managers operate their vessels safely and efficiently with an improved quality of data, by providing the most intuitive user-friendly web platform. Our software is currently installed on about 1200 vessels who are using our maritime solutions for technical as well as operational performance.

OceanManager’s products are Cloud based, a concept that allows cross platform collaboration & security in an era of social distancing which ensure business continuity. Our solutions include Performance Optimisation, Planned Maintenance, Purchase & Procurement, Spares, Crew Management, Safety & Quality, Document Management, Incident Reporting, Risk Management, Vessel Tracking, Business Intelligence and Audit & Inspections.

mAuditor helps you perform remote, paperless audits, surveys, and inspections with electronic checklists that are versioned, standardised and shared with internal or external inspectors. You can add rules, alerts, and logic to checklists, tailored for the vessel or office.

mHSEQ simplifies compliance with maritime regulations for Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE) for all stakeholders including Quality, Technical & Operations teams, and crew on board.

vesFMS is a complete fleet management software designed to reduce costs, improve  the effectiveness and streamline vessel maintenance. The system incorporates Planned Maintenance, Crew Management, Crew Payroll, Supply and Procurement functionality and comprehensive customizable reports, that describe all important information.

SeaRM360 is OceanManager’s analytics suite designed to provide the top management an integrated view of their entire fleet. SeaRM360 integrates data generated from any data sources your company subscribes to. Use of Streamlining Technical Management, Safety & Compliance this data gives you actionable intelligence with which you can make more informed decisions for your fleet.

Last but not least, OceanManager has an “Open API” philosophy and we are willing to integrate with any 3rd party system, helping you create and customise the ideal system for your business.