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Auramarine announces purchase of Finnish Measurement Systems business operations

Auramarine Oy and Finnish Measurement Systems Oy (FMS) have entered into a business transaction whereby FMS’s business operations will be transferred in their entirety to Auramarine Oy. The transaction supports Auramarine’s strategic goal to offer an extended selection of solutions to its current and new customers.

FMS’s main product is the “Porla Analyser” fuel quality analysis device, targeted at oil refineries market for analysing the compatibility of oils.

With today’s expanding variety of fuel oils, Auramarine sees the benefits of this product also along the fuel supply chain in the maritime industry. “Auramarine’s almost 50 years of knowledge and expertise has enabled us to develop a blueprint for bringing new fuels online from a fuel supply perspective. These analysers are a good fit to our current products and services portfolio. Auramarine looks forward to expanding the product’s customer base to the marine industry and the operators that serve it.” says John Bergman, CEO at Auramarine Group.

Finnish Measurement Systems has been an active oil analyser manufacturer since 1996. Dr. Juha Vilhunen, Managing Director of FMS says: “Over the years, we have developed our products and services in close collaboration with our customers and partners in oil and petrochemical industry. Both myself and our Product Manager Mr. Jurg Waldvogel have earlier last year expressed our intention to retire from FMS operations and started to look for a suitable buyer. We are confident that Auramarine’s approach and plans for the Porla products will provide a good continuation to the work we have accomplished so far.”

The business transfer was started in November 2022. At Auramarine, the business is operated by Lifecycle Services business line.

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