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Innovating with SAP Business Technology Platform

The cornerstone of a digital transformation journey begins with implementing a business-oriented platform that brings together all applications, processes, and data into one unified environment. SAP Business Technology Platform is the foundation for our customers to accelerate their innovation and unlock business outcomes.

This week at SAP Sapphire Orlando, we introduced a host of new SAP BTP capabilities that span application development, automation, integration, data and analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI). For those who missed out on attending the event in person or virtually, be sure to check out the SAP BTP keynote replay and read the full list of announcements in the SAP Sapphire News Guide.

Automate the Enterprise

Today, most automation projects are repetitive, task-oriented, lower-value work, such as logging into systems and copying and pasting data. While these automated tasks save thousands of manual hours and dollars, there is still more to be done in this space.

Enterprise automation is a new solution that uses multiple advanced technologies — integration, automation, low-code, and AI — to help connect and automate complex end-to-end business processes. This solution leverages the best-in-class SAP Integration Suite, SAP Signavio solutions, and SAP Build solutions to enable users to quickly and easily connect any on-premise or cloud IT landscape, gain visibility into business processes, and then automate those processes seamlessly.

The best part? You can jump-start your enterprise automation journey with thousands of pre-built and reusable components for integration and automation that are available in SAP Business Accelerator Hub. And RISE with SAP and GROW with SAP customers can access the SAP Signavio portfolio and SAP Build solutions at no additional cost.

Give Data Purpose

True digital transformation requires organizations to have seamless access to their mission-critical business data, no matter where it resides. Yet, with data landscapes distributed across various applications and IT landscapes, organizations spend countless hours and resources extracting, rebuilding, and integrating their data. When organizations fully harness the power of their data, they become enterprises that use it to innovate faster, create new revenue streams, and adapt to unanticipated changes.

That is why SAP Datasphere enables users to simplify the data landscape with a unified experience for data integration, data cataloging, semantic modeling, data warehousing, data federation, and data virtualization. And by closely integrating SAP Datasphere with our open ecosystem of data partners – Databricks, Collibra, Confluent, DataRobot, and now Google – mission-critical business data can be accessed across any cloud infrastructure.

Additional solutions like the extended planning and analysis capability for SAP Analytics Cloud and intelligent data applications help give data purpose. Extended planning and analysis helps align financial, strategic, and operational plans into one single plan. And intelligent data applications can transform core business functions into self-adapting, real-time, data-driven apps that automatically provide insights and recommended actions.

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