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MOL PLUS to Invest in Kyoto Fusioneering

MOL PLUS announced investment in Kyoto Fusioneering Ltd., a leading fusion power plant engineering company focuses on the research and development of essential equipment and systems for fusion reactor peripherals and power plants.

Kyoto Fusioneering is working toward the industrialization of fusion energy, in collaboration with companies and research institutes that aim to realize fusion reactors and fusion energy (Note 1), as a way to provide a safe, steady, and environmentally friendly next-generation energy supply. The company also works closely with various parties to establish a domestic and international supply chain network for fusion energy equipment and components.

MOL PLUS is pleased to participate in the financing with the expectation that Kyoto Fusioneering’s initiatives will make a significant contribution to the adoption of fusion energy solutions. In the future, MOL Group will contribute, from the standpoint of the ocean shipping industry, to meet transport needs that arise in the nuclear fusion energy use process and in the development of offshore business.

(Note 1) Fusion is a fundamentally different technology from nuclear power, in which hydrogen atoms combine with each other at extreme temperatures and pressures, releasing enormous amounts of energy. In addition, this energy is virtually inexhaustible because it can extract fuel from seawater, and it does not emit greenhouse gases, so it has the potential to fundamentally solve energy and environmental problems.

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