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MCTC underlines its commitment to leading the way in sustainability with Single Use Plastics webinar in a bid to encourage companies to reduce their use

Environmental and Suppliers Officer at MCTC, Charalampos Antoniou(R)Christian Ioannou, CEO of MCTC(L)

Leading international maritime catering provider MCTC has underlined its commitment to helping to shape a sustainable future for shipping with its latest webinar highlighting the dangers of Single-Use Plastics.

Environmental and Suppliers Officer at MCTC, Charalampos Antoniou told the delegates attending the online seminar that more and more companies are starting to phase out Single-Use Plastics, and educating our future generations is key to fighting the most challenging topic of the century.

The webinar, held for MCTC’s suppliers, focussed on why SUPs are a problem, global movements and what action can be taken to reduce their usage. It also looked at how the maritime catering industry can be more sustainable.

As per MCTC‘s data, water bottles are the primary source of Single-Use Plastics onboard.

Companies are now starting to look at other methods for water deliveries to vessels, as the industry aims to phase out plastic bottles and use more sustainable packaging or water dispensers onboard, Mr. Antoniou explained.

Talking about whether recycling helps reduce plastic waste, he said: “The straightforward answer is ‘no’. It can only partially mitigate for the wrongs of the past. We do not have the capacity to recycle all the plastic that is being produced.  Re-use only delays the problem. Plastic products will eventually be discarded once they reach the end of their lifecycle.”

Mr. Antoniou described alternative packaging that could be used by shipchandling companies to help reduce the use of SUPs, including fully biodegradable pallet wrapping films, sawdust and carboard pallets, and heavy-duty crane bags.

“Global movements have meant there is a demand for banning Single-Use Plastics and to start using more eco-friendly materials in the maritime sector. There is a race amongst the scientific community to invent alternative materials to plastic and raw wood. It might take some time but eventually the supply chain will undergo a total reformation.”

MCTC is committed to working with companies who adopt sustainable practices and through education and awareness, it is encouraging customers and suppliers the company works with to do their part in promoting sustainability and helping to reduce the use of SUPs.

Group CEO of MCTC, Christian Ioannou said: “Sustainability and doing what we can to protect the future of our environment are important goals for MCTC. Food products create a lot of waste and packaging onboard ships, so we were delighted to hold this webinar and help spread awareness on the importance of reducing the use of Single-Use Plastics onboard vessels.

“We believe it is important to spread awareness of this issue to our young seafarers joining the industry as that is key to winning the battle and protecting the environment. So, raising awareness and encouraging the companies we work with to offer sustainable packaging is an initiative we are proud to be a part of.”

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