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MCTC launches new Galley Inspection Course to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness onboard vessels

Christian Ioannou, MCTC's Managing Director

International catering management specialist MCTC has underlined its commitment to maintaining high standards of food preparation and quality onboard by launching its brand new Galley Inspection Course.

The new training course will equip participants with the knowledge and skills to conduct effective inspections of vessel galleys and food preparation areas, as well as being able to identify potential risks and hazards.

Run across four modules, trainees will take part in a combination of theoretical and VR assessments to cover topics including, food safety, equipment maintenance and troubleshooting techniques.

International company MCTC provides the full spectrum of catering management services to vessels, from recipe planning, ordering provisions, and budgeting, along with a range of catering and nutrition training courses for galley staff. It also promotes a healthy lifestyle with fitness and mental health initiatives.

The Galley Inspection Course is the first training programme in MCTC’s portfolio aimed at people wanting to train to become galley inspectors. The programme covers a range of subjects, including food hazards and cross-contamination, galley hygiene, cleanliness, and pest control.

CEO of MCTC, Christian Ioannou said: “Food safety and good hygiene are critical factors in the running of a galley. We are delighted to add this course to our offering to ensure those inspecting galleys are trained to the highest standard. Galley crews play a critical and vital role in the operation of a ship in that they provide the fuel for the seafarers.

“But it is crucial that food is prepared in the correct and safest way to ensure the safety of all crew members. That is why we felt it was important to create the Galley Inspection Course. Running a safe, organised, and clean galley is the essential foundation to good catering.”

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