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Meet our Charity Foundation for the 1st CSN Cyprus Marine Insurance Conference – One Dream One Wish

Cyprus Shipping News is delighted to announce One Dream One Wish as the Charity Foundation of the 1st CSN Cyprus Marine Insurance Conference “The Financial and Legal challenges of a 3 year cycl(on)e”. The conference attendance will be free of charge for the Cyprus Shipping industry, but we welcome anyone who wants to contribute to the charity foundation by indicating it at the registration. The handing over of the amount collected to the One Dream One Wish foundation will take place during the conference before the lunch.

The Cyprus Association “One Dream One Wish” (make a wish) for cancer-afflicted children was founded in November 1997 by a group of parents of children suffering from cancer, leukaemia and other blood diseases.

All Board members and the Association’s members and friends offer their services voluntarily and selflessly.

The Association focuses its activities on three main pillars: the fulfillment of the best wishes of the cancer-afflicted children, the economic support of their families and the psychological support of the children and members of their immediate environment.

Naturally parents give emphasis on the children’s treatment. On many occasions, because of the expensive treatments abroad and loss of job, families are not in a position to respond to a wish expressed by their children.

The Charity has been founded to fill this gap: to provide life incentives for the children. The fulfillment of a wish, such as the acquisition of a personal computer, a home theatre, a musical instrument, furnishing a bedroom or a trip to Euro Disney in Paris or elsewhere, is part of the Association’s project to psychologically help the cancer-affected children, a fundamental component of their therapy. Researchers have discovered that ailing children living in a happy environment and being treated as equals by the society have more chances to be cured than others.

Pain has no boundaries and does not recognise skin color, religion or ethnicity. The Association has fulfilled scores of wishes of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot cancer-affected children. Other beneficiaries come from the Maronite and Armenian groups, mixed marriages of Cypriots with foreigners or aliens living in the island.

The economic support the Charity offers for families of children suffering from cancer aims at the partial relief from the accumulated expenses and debts facing the parents, manly because of very expensive therapies abroad. On some occasions they even sell their houses to cope with the financial burden.

The Association’s revenues come from membership fees and donations. It often launches fundraising campaigns and organises various events to collect money.

Part of its programme is to invite sponsors and other friends, who have helped the Charity through various means, to accompany Board members when a child’s wish is being fulfilled. Present also are popular football players, actors or singers offering gifts and autographs to the young fans, creating a unique atmosphere.

Let’s all together share the feeling of offering to cancer-afflicted children. Let’s all make those children feel happy. Let’s make them smile and enjoy life.

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