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Advanced Polymer Coatings creates new MarineLINE global customer care role

OHIO headquartered manufacturer Advanced Polymer Coatings is appointing Stephen Jarvie to the new role of Global Customer Care Manager, MarineLINE.

Stephen will lead on APC’s work to deliver more support to customers of the industry leading MarineLINE cargo tank coating system for chemical and product tankers, including the further development of a 24-hour global service to respond to their requests for time-sensitive information.

Captain Onur Yildirim, APC Global Marine Manager, says the new position is being created in response to the company’s continuing growth and the need to offer an even wider breadth of support for its customers.

That includes the timely delivery of the technical information and advice that enables their vessels to stay in operation longer and maximise the return on investment of their MarineLine coating system.

He said: “Many queries are cargo carriage requests. Often, the customer will contact us with only 10-12 hours notice before needing to know if they can carry the next cargo.

“Time is money, and a huge advantage of the MarineLINE coating is the extensive catalogue of cargoes that can be carried, coupled with the availability to switch grades more frequently. Giving operators answers quickly and efficiently enables them to maximise vessel time and revenue.”

He added: “Operators are very busy managing multiple demands. We want to take the pressure off them with fast reliable coating information which is what Stephen will do.  Our customers are at the heart of what we do and this new role is focused on constantly improving their experience.”

UK based Stephen, aged 53, is being promoted from his previous position as APC’s European Sales Manager. With almost 20 years of experience in sales, customer service, and technical roles, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the position. Before joining APC, he worked for PPG and AkzoNobel and has been in his European sales role since 2019.

Stephen said: “I’m delighted to be moving into this new support role and I’m looking forward to further strengthening relationships with MarineLINE customers as we continue to develop and grow our customer care service.”

As part of the that work, Stephen and APC will develop its team of strategically placed personnel across different time zones to ensure that vessel operators can always connect with someone who can help and inform them.

The business is also exploring the future development of an online portal, a place where customers can access all their vessel information and project and technical reports.

Stephen said: “Taking a really proactive approach means working even more closely with ship operators to deliver high performance. We also want to ensure all their servicing needs are met. It is about nurturing relationships that are built on trust.

“We have always been driven by our customers’ needs and delivering excellence for them remains our number one priority. We want to continue to be their first choice when selecting cargo tank coatings.

“APC is also best placed to manage recoating as MarineLINE is the original coating and the most durable and cost efficient on the market.”

Matt Sokol, APC Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said: “We’re thrilled to move Stephen into this new role and are confident that his experience and vision for APC Customer Care will take our business to the next level.”

APC now has more than 12 per cent of the global chemical tanker coating market with 700 ships coated worldwide with MarineLINE. Exports underpin APC’s growth with key markets, including China, the Gulf, Croatia, and Turkey.

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