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First Vessel secured for Infinity Platform: Supramax Bulk Carrier committed to fractional ownership

A joint venture between Infinity Maritime and 5 Ocean Shipping Management, has taken delivery of M/V “Oak” in the first deal on the Infinity Maritime platform. The commitment is to digitise equity in the ship with a view to trading MetaUnits on Infinity’s secondary trading market. This represents a significant endorsement for the new platform, and the first time a vessel will have been digitised in this way.

Infinity Maritime is the first platform to provide alternative maritime finance through digitisation enabling fractional ownership of all types of commercial ships, with a focus on building the most sustainable commercial fleet possible.

Infinity Maritime is creating asset-backed MetaUnits for the ships it purchases and operates that will be tradeable, resulting in a secondary market for investors. The platform focuses on creating a sustainable fleet via the purchase and upgrade of vessels, in line with the IMO’s regulations and the industry’s collective efforts to operate most efficiently and sustainably.

The M/V “Oak” is a Supramax bulk carrier built at STX Dalian and is currently being assessed for sustainability upgrades.

Panagos C. Lemos, CEO of 5 Ocean Shipping Management, Athens said: “We’re proud to be the pioneers for this new way of fractionalising and digitising the maritime fleet, while accelerating the profitable adoption of more sustainable practices. We share the Infinity vision and are proud to be building on the long history of Oinoussian influence on innovation in the global maritime industry.”

Andrew Graham, Chairman, Infinity Maritime said: “Infinity’s ambition is to reinvigorate the Maritime ecosystem – not disrupt it. Working closely with the 5 Ocean Management team, our brokers, capital providers and world leading Class Societies, demonstrates this. We’re excited to be talking to a number of other owners and investors to grow the platform.”

The Infinity team is also in active discussions with several owners and equity providers about placing more than 12 vessels on the platform in the coming year, valued at over $250m – including dry bulk, tankers, multipurpose and short sea vessels.

They welcome enquiries from owners, investors, brokers and other parties who are interested in joining Infinity’s digital ecosystem.

Infinity Maritime is the London based alternative finance digital platform for the issuance and trading of asset-backed MetaUnits in the maritime sector. Through the fractionalisation and digitisation of maritime assets, Infinity allows broader access to real asset investment opportunities and more exit opportunities for investors within the global maritime industry with a core objective of promoting sustainability. Purchasers/acquirers of MetaUnits include a wide range of maritime and finance industry participants, such as existing owners and operators as well as commodity traders, family offices, hedge funds, HNW/UHNW and other institutional investors.

Source: Infinity Maritime

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