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Bizmodeline claiming patent infringement by Apple

Bizmodeline is claiming that Apple Pay infringed upon its patent. It is an intellectual property company that owned more than 1,500 patents at the end of last year.

According to the company, the payment method of Apple Pay infringes upon its patent applied for in 2005. According to the patent, a user’s mobile phone is brought close to a payment terminal, and then a token code for one-time verification is generated on the phone. This code is sent to the payment terminal by near-field communication (NFC), a card issuer’s server receives the token code via its payment network for verification, and then the payment is processed based on the verification result.

Bizmodeline is claiming that the method of Apply Pay is almost identical to the content of their patent, including claims. The company recently sent an email to Hyundai Card, Shinhan Card, KB Card, and Hana Card, which are Apple Pay service providers in South Korea, so that they can examine legal matters related to the service.

Source: BusinessKorea

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