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Nokia expands industrial edge applications to accelerate enterprises’ transition to Industry 4.0

  • Four new digital enablers expand OT edge applications offered on Nokia MX Industrial Edge.
  • Industrial IoT platforms connect, collect and analyze data from disparate sources –including video cameras – unlocking its value.
  • New security function protects from advanced threats in OT environment, improves security, which is essential for data exchange.

Nokia  launched four third-party applications for MX Industrial Edge , which help enterprises connect, collect and analyze data from operational technology  assets on a robust and secure on-premises edge. Asset-heavy industries can accelerate their digital transformation and benefit most from Nokia’s OT edge ecosystem-neutral approach, which taps into innovation from many top digitalization enablers. The new applications also leverage the GPU capability recently announced on Nokia MXIE, a powerful on-premises OT edge solution that helps process data closest to the source in real time while retaining data sovereignty.

As enterprises move to digitalize operations they face some significant challenges. These include the collection, integration and analysis of all types of data – including video – from disparate systems, sensors and data silos, and having the certainty that sensitive data is protected once shared with other cloud ecosystems. With highly reliable 4.9G/5G private wireless connectivity and the low latency processing power of Nokia MXIE, these industry-leading applications help enterprises overcome these challenges making enterprise data usable, actionable and secure. As a result, many transformative use cases can be created, spanning early alerts and anomaly detection, condition monitoring, preventive and predictive maintenance, digital twins and more – all of which help improve operations and increase return on investment.

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