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1st CSN Cyprus Marine Insurance Conference – Under the auspices of the Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry

Cyprus Shipping News is delighted to announce that the 1st CSN Cyprus Marine Insurance Conference “The Financial and Legal challenges of a 3 year cycl(on)e” is placed under the auspices of the Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry.

Cyprus is a modern, efficient and integrated shipping centre, ranking amongst the top leading Ship Registries and at the same time, one of the largest and well established shipmanagement centres worldwide. It is amongst the countries having a prominent role in forming global shipping policies with a strong presence and a powerful voice in all maritime fora and international organizations such as the IMO, the ILO and the European Union.

The Shipping Deputy Ministry, is an effective and flexible maritime administration, with a customer-oriented approach attaching great importance in the quality and speed of services available on a 24/7 basis. Its responsibilities include, inter alia, the following:

  • Registration of ships.
  • Administration of the Tonnage Tax System.
  • Inspection and control of ships and enforcement of international, E.U. and national maritime legislation.
  • Registration, training and certification of seafarers.
  • Development, administration and enforcement of the Merchant Shipping legislation
  • Protection of the marine environment
  • Coordination of the EU Integrated Maritime Policy

Its mission is to provide high quality services, safeguard and develop a safe, socially responsible, resilient and sustainable shipping industry, foster specialisation and expertise in the sector and enhance the competitiveness of the Cyprus Shipping.

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