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Cyprus – Greece connection with the ferry “Daleela”- Bookings start 11 April 2023

As of Tuesday 11 April 2023, Cyprus and Greek citizens will be able to book their tickets to travel to Greece and Cyprus, as part of the start of the second period of the Cyprus-Greece maritime passenger connection, said today the Shipping Deputy Minister, Marina Hadjimanoli, noting at the same time that the route will be operated from same ship but with improved and better quality services.

In a press conference at the Creative and Cultural Center of the Municipality of Larnaca, the Shipping Deputy Minister stated that “from eight o’clock in the morning on Tuesday, April 11, citizens will be able to make their reservations through the reservation and ticket purchase system for the maritime connection Cyprus – of Greece”.

“The ship Daleela that performed the passenger connection service last year will remain the same this year as well, with the difference that this year it will provide more improved and better quality services,” she noted.

She added that “the Shipping Deputy Ministry, taking into account the comments of the passengers received during the first year of operation of the connection, proceeded to evaluate them together with the contracting company in order to continuously improve the service”.

This year, she continued, the contracting company Scandro Holding decided to include in its routes, in addition to the port of Limassol and the port of Larnaca, using both ports of the Republic for the benefit of the passenger public.

According to her, it is important that the sea connection has begun to be embraced by our fellow citizens who wish to travel to and from Cyprus with their private cars and bicycles, offering an alternative mode of transport, noting that “last year 7,412 passengers traveled and transported 2,250 vehicles”.

She also stated that “the first sailing of the ship will take place on May 31 from Limassol, while the last route from Piraeus to Larnaca is scheduled for September 1.” In total, there will be 22 round-trip routes, i.e. 8 between May – June, 7 in July and 7 between August and September. The 14 itineraries will depart from the port of Limassol and the 8 from the port of Larnaca, starting from July.

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