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Prosafe announced new contract awards

Safe Concordia Credit: Prosafe

Safe Zephyrus has arrived in Brazil and preparations are ongoing for contract commencement with Petrobras on 1 May 2023.

Safe Eurus started its new four-year contract with Petrobras on 17 February 2023 following directly from the expiry of the previous contract. Safe Eurus was expected to be off hire for approximately 35 days in April/May 2023. The off-hire period has now been moved to Q1 2024. Petrobras contract compliance works, hull cleaning and SPS will now be conducted then.

Safe Notos is expected to be off hire for approximately 30 days in May 2023 for Petrobras contract compliance works and hull cleaning.

Safe Concordia is laid up in Curaçao where ramp-up and mobilization works have started for the upcoming project in the US Gulf of Mexico. The commencement window is currently July through September 2023. A standby rate of USD 28,000 per day has been agreed for the period from 1 August until the latest commencement date of 30 September.

The Safe Caledonia is laid up at Scapa Flow in the UK pending future work.

Safe Boreas is laid up in Norway pending future work.

Safe Scandinavia is laid up in Norway and is being marketed broadly.


The recent Petrobras tender for 450 days has been cancelled. Prosafe is currently not participating in any Petrobras tenders.

Prosafe is participating in the following tenders:

Year Firm duration Option(s) Region Expected competition
2024 5 months 2 months UK Semi-submersible
2024 3 months 1 month UK Semi-submersible
2025 3 months 2 months North America Semi-submersible

Prosafe expects an additional 1 to 3 tenders and/or direct awards in the North Sea for 2024 as well as additional opportunities for 2025. Petrobras may also announce new tenders in 2023.

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