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UltiSat awarded multiple new contracts as government SATCOM procurements begin to return to pre-pandemic pace

UltiSat, a global provider of advanced communications solutions to government, humanitarian-aid and critical infrastructure markets, announced that it has been awarded six (6) new contracts in recent months.  Government procurements in the satellite and networking arena had slowed to a virtual standstill during the height of the pandemic, from early 2020 through the middle 2022.  The company reported that while it had received orders on existing contracts during this time, very few if any new contract vehicles or programs were adjudicated.  The recent new awards span a range of defense, federal civilian, and humanitarian organizations with an estimated initial value of over $30M.

“Procurement cycles for government programs tend to be long by nature, but the impact of the pandemic ground most new SATCOM evaluations to a halt,” said David Myers president and CEO of UltiSat. “In the latter half of 2022, UltiSat saw the process pick-up steam as many government contracting offices relaxed lock-down restrictions.  As a result, we received several contract awards, establishing new relationships with a variety of customer organizations.”

The solutions provided across the six new contracts include a broad range of technologies and locations.  UltiSat leverages its position as a vendor neutral and satellite fleet independent integrator to craft highly tailored solutions for each customer mission.  For the most recent awards, the solutions have included a complete end-to-end managed satellite service, a custom global network that incorporates both satellite and terrestrial fiber for maximum reach and resiliency, and a bespoke hardware system built to the customer’s specifications.  The awards also included the company’s first implementations of commercially available PLEO services from both Starlink and OneWeb.  The services are being provided around the globe including the U.S., Europe, Southwest Asia, and even Antarctica for one project.

“We are encouraged that government procurement evaluations are starting to return to the pre-COVID operating tempo,” David Myers continued.  “Perhaps more importantly, recent RFPs are adapting to the promising new product offerings and business models available from the satellite network services industry.  Upcoming procurements like Proliferated Low Earth Orbit (PLEO) and SATCOM as a Managed Service (SaaMS) will enable government customers to benefit from advances in satellite communications technology and to deploy those capabilities to missions more quickly and cost effectively.”

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