Home Technical Amphibious Crawler in Remote Command and Control demonstration at Ocean Business

Amphibious Crawler in Remote Command and Control demonstration at Ocean Business

Bayonet amphibious ground vehicle transiting from the beach into the ocean

Are you attending Ocean Business, Southampton, 18-20th April 2023?

We are pleased to offer one-to-one meetings with our clients during the show. Please drop us an email to request your exclusive interview.

Bayonet Ocean Vehicles, Hospitality Suite HS04
Bayonet Ocean Vehicles will be showcasing its autonomous underwater ground vehicle. Deployable from land or water, the Bayonet range of vehicles can transit from the beach, through the surf zone and into the ocean up to 100 metres, offering a powerful tool for a range of industries, including marine salvage, science and engineering, marine renewables, and offshore oil and gas, to perform and support a range of survey, inspection and clearance activities. For more information, visit https://bayonetocean.com/

Greensea Systems, Stand L13
Greensea provides its open architecture platform, OPENSEA, a scalable, user-friendly and low-maintenance operational system for robotics, offering advanced control and navigation technology for the subsea industry. OPENSEA enables easy integration of third-party robotic hardware, with around 2,500 robotic systems currently operating on the platform, including the Bayonet range of vehicles. With the addition of Safe C2, over-the-horizon command and control, for long-range operation of any vehicle from a distant location, is made practical. For more information, visit https://greensea.com/

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