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Huawei Launches Innovative Simplified Network and Data Center Solutions for the Intelligent World

During the 2023 Mobile World Congress (MWC 2023), Huawei successfully held its 5th Industry Digital Transformation Summit, bringing together global industry customers, partners, and opinion leaders to discuss how digital technologies will affect our future – from the development of the world economy, through to global cultures, societies, and the environment.

Based on the requirements and pain points of enterprise network management efficiency, connection experience, data center (DC) security, and computing power, Huawei released a new series of advanced solutions for simplified networks, with which DCs can build a solid network foundation, leading to the development of new DCs, and unleashing digital innovation.

In his opening speech, David Wang, Huawei’s Executive Director of the Board, Chairman of the ICT Infrastructure Managing Board, and President of the Enterprise BG, said, “Huawei will deepen our roots in the enterprise market and continue our pursuit of innovation. We are ready to use leading technologies and dive deep into scenarios. Together with our partners, we will enable industry digitalization, help SMEs access intelligence, and promote sustainable development, creating new value together.”

Bob Chen, Vice President of Huawei Enterprise BG, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Digital Technology Leads the Way to the Intelligent World”, which outlined how digital technologies have impacted the development of the world’s economy, cultures, societies, and environment. He stated, “Archimedes, a great Greek physicist, said, ‘Give me a place to stand and I shall move the earth.’ Digital technology is the right place for us to help industries go digital. Huawei will focus on connectivity, computing, cloud, and other digital technologies. We will continue inspiring innovation to drive industry digital transformation. Together, let’s build a fully connected, intelligent world!”

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