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Viasat launches Cybersecurity Service using Classified Threat Intelligence to help protect U.S. Businesses and Critical Infrastructure

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New service offers up to six months of early warning against malicious cyber threats using U.S. Department of Homeland Security threat intelligence

Viasat, a global communications company, today announced the launch of its Trusted Cybersecurity Services (TCS) solution, a hosted intrusion detection service that integrates classified government threat intelligence to identify existing, potential and emerging threats on an organization’s network. The service leverages cyber threat intelligence provided by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) through the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) Enhanced Cybersecurity Services (ECS) program to help protect U.S.-based organizations from malicious cyber threats. Viasat is the only company currently authorized by DHS as an ECS services provider, and the ECS program offers a unique cybersecurity capability available to the commercial market leveraging classified U.S. government cyber intelligence.

This new Viasat threat detection service will reinforce cyber defenses for private companies, critical infrastructure, and state and local organizations by using CISA-sourced threat intelligence. The service is designed to augment organizations’ current cyber monitoring, detection, and incident response practices, enabling classified indicators of compromise to be leveraged for non-classified environments. In addition, the Viasat TCS solution will use Viasat’s National Security Agency (NSA) certified technology and machine learning to actively monitor network traffic for government furnished indicators, as well as curated threats gathered through the Viasat Cybersecurity Operations Center (CSOC). Viasat’s CSOC protects a global network with millions of endpoints through a combination of machine learning automation and a team of cybersecurity analysts actively investigating and mitigating threats.

“Viasat is excited to support the mission of the ECS program and bring to market a cybersecurity service that can give users an advantage against emerging threats and adversaries,” said Craig Miller, president of Viasat Government Systems. “As U.S. businesses and critical infrastructure are increasingly targeted, this new service offers a unique capability to help organizations strengthen their network security posture and reduce cybersecurity risks by utilizing threat intelligence which is not available through any other means to stay ahead and protect against potentially damaging attacks.”

Viasat TCS leverages both government threat intelligence and Viasat threat intelligence collected by Viasat’s advanced and global CSOC. The service will detect and alert customers of potential malicious activity on their networks up to six months before other commercially available threat detection indicators.

Viasat received DHS accreditation to operate as an ECS service provider following a comprehensive audit of Viasat’s cybersecurity capabilities, security architecture and facilities to ensure high standards of security competence and compliance, including the ability to safeguard sensitive and classified information.

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