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Valenciaport and Guardia Civil reinforce their commitment to strengthen port safety and security

Both institutions sign a pioneering agreement in the port system on port and maritime transport security for the ports of Valencia, Sagunto and Gandia

The first training day for the Guardia Civil has been held within the framework of this agreement

The Port Authority of Valencia will contribute with infrastructures and materials for the development of security and safety actions

 Valenciaport and the Guardia Civil have held the first training course to enhance port security in the precincts of Valencia, Sagunto and Gandia. This initiative is part of the collaboration agreement between the Secretary of State for Security  and the Port Authority of Valencia on port security and maritime transport in the ports managed by the PAV.

The president of the PAV, Aurelio Martínez, and the General of the Guardia Civil, Arturo Prieto Bozec, inaugurated this conference which serves as a starting point to reinforce the activity of this State Security Corps in the port area. Through this agreement, in addition to training, the APV will also improve the infrastructures and materials for their day-to-day activities.

The General wanted to emphasise “the need for institutional collaboration with the articulation of mechanisms that allow synergies to be established and exploited between the different administrations”. In this sense, he expressed his satisfaction “with the signing of the agreement, which will allow for further training and the improvement of infrastructures on both sides”.

During his speech, the president of the PAV highlighted “the milestone of this pioneering agreement in the national port system, which will significantly facilitate the development of the competences attributed to both bodies of the Administration in the field of port security. It is a stable framework of cooperation and collaboration between both parties to reinforce security in the port area”.

The aim of this agreement is to facilitate the exchange of information on port security and maritime transport; to increase collaboration in order to prevent and react to illegal activities. The agreement, with a four-year renewable duration, is also intended to contribute to the provision of the necessary means for the Guardia Civil of Valencia in the development of security actions; as well as to the holding of coordination meetings with the aim of harmonising and seeking synergies in the application of the regulations relating to Critical Infrastructures.

The Port of Valencia was the first to have a permanent detachment of the Guardia Civil, specifically on 3 July 1907, for the surveillance and custody of the goods deposited at the docks.

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