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Oldendorff celebrated Namura capesize newbuilding

On 10th February 2023, Oldendorff celebrated the name giving of their latest Japanese Capesize newbuilding, M/V “Gina Oldendorff”. She followed her sistership “Alice Oldendorff”, which was also delivered from Namura Shipbuilding in November. Both Capesize ships will be retrofitted with “Yara” Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems in China. Oldendorff ordered the two 182,000 tdw vessels in 2021. Their very low fuel consumption will also mean lower CO2 emissions.

In October, the company received the first of twelve 82,200 tdw Kamsarmax newbuildings from Hantong Shipyard in Nantong, China, which were also ordered in 2021. Oldendorff resold 6 of the 12 Kamsarmax ships to another shipowner. This improved “Sdari-82k-2020” design consumes only 22 tons of fuel per day, based on a ballast speed of 14 knots and a laden speed of 12 knots.

OLDENDORFF CARRIERS sold 13 second hand ships during 2022 and early 2023 as follows:

Size Name Takeover Yard Built
209.000 Hark Oldendorff Jan-22 YZJ 2016
209.000 Hans Oldendorff Jul-22 Kouan 2017
93.000 Constantin Oldendorff Sept-22 Cosco SY 2012
93.000 Celine Oldendorff Sept-22 Cosco SY 2010
77.000 Theodor Oldendorff Aug-22 Oshima 2008
75.000 Trina Oldendorff Jan-23 Penglai 2013
61.600 Julius Oldendorff Aug-22 NACKS 2019
61.000 Jonas Oldendorff May-23 DACKS 2019
61.000 Jans Oldendorff May-23 NACKS 2019
61.000 Jens Oldendorff Mar-23 DACKS 2019
61.000 Jacob Oldendorff Apr-23 NACKS 2019
38.000 Dorthe Oldendorff Oct-22 Beihai 2019
14.000 Osprey Jun-22 Jinghau 2015Olden
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