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Camera of Galaxy S23 drawing attention

Samsung Electronics' 200 million pixel image sensor Isocell HP2

Attention is focusing on the 200 million pixel image sensor of Samsung Electronics’ new flagship Galaxy S23 Ultra. The company said that the image sensor, Isocell HP2, provides the best picture quality at the pixel level.

The sensor is equipped with 200 million 0.6 micrometer pixels. Samsung Electronics developed the world’s first 200 million pixel image sensor in 2021. Isocell HP2 is the third version of the product.

The company applied dual vertical transfer gate technology to the sensor to improve its charge storage capacity by up to 33 percent from the previous version, which means richer color expression. In addition, the company improved the sensor so that better pictures can be taken even in a low-illuminance environment.

“The maximum pixel level of the human eye is estimated at 576 million and we are aiming to exceed it with our image sensor,” the company said, adding, “Our ultimate goal is a mobile camera close to the human eye in seeing and recording things.” According to market research firms, the global image sensor demand in the market segment of 100 million pixels or more is expected to increase from 72 million to 132 million units a year from this year to 2026, which is equivalent to an average annual growth of 22 percent.

Source: BusinessKorea

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