Home Technical Norwegian marine equipment supplier TECO 2030 chooses CVM systems from SMART TESTSOLUTIONS

Norwegian marine equipment supplier TECO 2030 chooses CVM systems from SMART TESTSOLUTIONS

[Capture] A CVM system from SMART TESTSOLUTIONS consists of the CVM measurement modules, the cell contacting and the mechanical parts required for assembly. Picture: SMART TESTSOLUTIONS

The Norwegian company TECO 2030 is pursuing the goal of accelerating the environmentally friendly transformation in the maritime sector. To this end, the company is developing hydrogen fuel cells that will enable ships and other heavy-duty applications to become emission-free. In future, TECO 2030 will use CVM systems from SMART TESTSOLUTIONS to monitor these fuel cell systems. 

SMART TESTSOLUTIONS is primarily known in the eMobility environment for its systems for cell voltage monitoring (CVM) on fuel cells. Most recently, the company has further developed its CVM G5S cell voltage monitoring system into a series solution that, in addition to the CVM measurement modules, also includes elements for cell contacting (cell full-day pickup) as well as cable harnesses and mechanical parts for mounting the system.

The complete CVM systems are individually adapted to the respective fuel cell application of the customer. TECO 2030 also receives a solution tailored to its needs. Adaptations are mostly necessary in the area of cell contacting. This is strongly dependent on the cell design, and at the same time the requirements are high. The contacting must be electrically functional, insensitive to vibrations, as space-neutral as possible, temperature-resistant and cost-effective. In addition, it should be possible to automate the assembly to a large extent in the course of series production.

In addition to TECO 2030, SMART TESTSOLUTIONS has recently been able to win several customers from the research sector as well as manufacturers of electrolysers for its CVM systems. Numerous automotive manufacturers and suppliers as well as companies from the aerospace industry and other ship suppliers have been on the customer list for some time.

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