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The Port of Sagunto doubles its natural gas traffic by 2022

The Sagunto site handled 9,362,069 tonnes of goods last year, 24.38% more than in 2021

Sagunto reaffirms its position as a strategic infrastructure for natural gas with 4,118,516 tonnes handled, double the figure for 2021

It is followed in importance by iron and steel traffic, which handled 2,232,941 tonnes, 11.5% less. In third place came vehicles and transport elements, which grew by 8% to 634,200 tonnes

The Sagunto docks handled 115,605 vehicles under the goods regime, 18.45% more than in 2021

 The Port of Sagunto closed the year 2022 with a positive evolution of its goods traffic. In total, during the last financial year, the Sagunto site channelled 9,362,069 tonnes, a figure which represents a growth of 24.38%. This progress is fundamentally based on the good results of bulk liquids, especially natural gas. The conflict between Ukraine and Russia, the closure of the gas pipeline from Algeria and the international situation are positioning Sagunto, which has a regasification plant, as a strategic entry point for this energy source.

Specifically, during 2022, the port of Sagunto channelled 4,397,862 tonnes of liquid bulk, which represents an increase of 82.6% over the previous year. Under this heading, energy products stand out, mainly natural gas, which represented a total of 4,118,516 tonnes, double that of the previous year, of which practically 90% were imports, half of them from the United States, followed by Nigeria, which accounted for more than 18%. Biofuels, with 12,587 tonnes, increased threefold.

Solid bulk registered 750,293 tonnes of goods, an increase of 5.67%. Among them, the movements of fertilisers stand out, with 409,445 tonnes and an increase of 1.61%, other non-metallic minerals, with 146,960 tonnes and a growth of 60%; and cereals and their flours with 142,987 and 28.56% more than the previous year.

On the other hand, non-containerised goods fell by 4.75% to 3,680,391 tonnes. In this section, iron and steel products stand out with 2,232,941 tonnes and a fall of 11.61% or vehicles and transport elements with 634,200 tonnes and an increase of 8%.

About containerised general cargo, at the close of 2022, 510,363 tonnes were handled, representing a decrease of 0.92%. In total, 55,486 containers were handled, representing a decrease of 3.81%.

Regarding the evolution of cars handled from Sagunto, a total of 115,605 units have been moved, 18,005 more vehicles than in 2021, representing an increase of 18.45%.

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