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Historical agreement between Turkish BOTAŞ and Oman LNG

Turkish BOTAŞ and Oman signed an LNG supply agreement, which envisages cooperation in the field of natural gas. At the ceremony held on January 30, 2023 under the auspices of Salim Al Aufi, Omani Minister of Energy and Mines, BOTAŞ Chairman and General Manager Burhan ÖZCAN on behalf of Turkey, and Hamed Al Naamany, CEO of Oman LNG Company, on behalf of Oman, signed the agreement.

The LNG supply agreement signed with Oman is most recent embodiment of Türkiye’s successful energy diplomacy aiming to increase energy security and diversify supply sources.

BOTAŞ, with its supply capability achieved through the significant LNG infrastructure investments realized in recent years and with its expanded cooperation with international partners, continues to create added value for our country as a strong player on a global scale.

Accordingly, in line with its objective of diversifying supply sources, BOTAŞ signed a historic agreement with Oman LNG. Under this 10-year agreement, 1 million tonnes (1.4 billion cubic meters) of LNG will be supplied annually from Oman.

The agreement, contributing to the natural gas supply and price security of BOTAŞ, expands our LNG portfolio, increasing the flexibility of our country.

With the key steps it is taking in energy cooperation, BOTAŞ, the Energy of Our Country, brings Turkey one step closer to its goal of becoming an energy hub.

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