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Increase Productivity with the Latest Innovations in SAP S 4HANA Cloud Public Edition

With the SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2302 update available in February, SAP is delivering new modern experiences, foundational capabilities, and core enterprise resource planning (ERP) innovations to improve organizational and employee productivity.

Over the last year, we have been pleased to see an increase in user adoption and customer satisfaction, and we always look for ways to make the product better based on customer and partner feedback.

Modern Experience

We are taking collaboration and user experience to the next level, enabling users to collaborate easily and make better decisions based on business data and processes. Some of the 2302 highlights include:

  • The Share as Tab feature released through an Early Adopter Care program: As the name suggests, users can collaborate with their colleagues directly in Microsoft Teams by adding live data based on SAP Fiori elements as tabs in their Teams channels.
SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2302: Integration with Microsoft Teams
Fig. 1: Integration with Microsoft Teams
  • Improved and additional card types for My Home, initially delivered with 2208, that orchestrate information, tasks, and applications and allow users to do their daily activities more effectively and efficiently.
SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2302: Improved and additional card types for My Home
Fig. 2: Improved and additional card types for My Home


  • The customer usage dashboard provides functional usage and experience data in an automated way in SAP for Me to help customers to understand their investment return value, monitor their adoption and consumption, and make data-driven decisions based on their own company usage.
SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2302: The customer usage dashboard
Fig. 3: The customer usage dashboard

Core ERP Innovations

We strive to enable users to get up and running with out-of-the-box business processes based on industry best practices. We are committed to expanding our set of ready-to-use capabilities customers need to run their businesses.

Highlights for product and manufacturing-centric industries include:

  • Innovations to enhance end-to-end process visibility and efficiency such as the integration of SAP CPQ with solution order management to support business transformations from products to higher-margin services and solutions by offering combined quote and orders including products and service contracts.
  • Increased flexibility, granularity, and ease in selecting the orders that are relevant to the user with a new SAP Fiori app to set up an area of responsibility for a supervisor using production orders that allows users to choose their area of responsibility with respect to the orders.
  • With the new and modernized manage material coverage app, relevant data can be intuitively accessed with quick views and an additional column through a modernized look and feel and a flexible materials list.
SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2302: New SAP Fiori app “Manage Material Coverage"
Fig. 4: New SAP Fiori app “Manage Material Coverage”


Highlights for finance and service-centric industries include:

  • Functionality to improve project planning and project resource management by providing starter content for building forms to collect environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data to increase efficiency in building ESG data collection forms by using sample forms as reference​.
  • Increased flexibility in billing preparation through a released OData API for the project billing request to enable external applications and resource related billing processes.
  • With the new capacity evaluation app, flexible options for capacity analysis are provided, delivering insights about offered or available capacity within a flexibly defined timeframe, and about offered or available capacity, based on flexible aggregation options.
SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2302: New app for capacity evaluation in Capacity Planning and Scheduling
Fig. 5: New app for capacity evaluation in Capacity Planning and Scheduling

 SaaS Foundation

Customers operate globally and keep up with ever-evolving legal mandates. We are committed to delivering a global service and now support more than48 local versions. In addition to localization, in release 2302, we heavily invested in other foundational topics, such as two-tier ERP, in-product accelerators, and extensibility, including:

  • The addition of three new SAP-delivered local versions in 2302 for Argentina, Egypt, and Greece. Early adopters are ongoing with general adoption delivery for all customers planned in 2308.
  • The switch to Euro in Croatia was effective January 1, 2023. Financial reports have to be compiled using Euro and a Croatia local version is now available.
  • Global organizations are increasingly adopting a multi-site ERP strategy to run their global businesses on two or more ERP systems to meet their market needs. The following are now available: material requirement planning visibility in two-tier ERP, for better coverage on the material demand and supply planning of replenishment elements between tier-1 and tier-2 systems; and liquidity planning with SAP Analytics Cloud, which enables the system to predict future cash flows that can be used as reference data in long term liquidity planning.
  • The released baseline activation service and in-product accelerators — including automation bots, templates, and bundles — reduce time to value and accelerate customer implementations.
  • Extensibility is a key attribute of every scenario, and we deliver an extensive range of cloud APIs and tools to support these scenarios without compromising innovation updates.
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