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Gasum is launching the GasumHackathon to harness biogenic carbon from biogas plants

Gasum is launching an open innovation competition together with the BioEconomy Business Accelerator BioPaavo by JAMK University of Applied Sciences and growth company consultancy Kasvu Open. We’re looking for solutions and partners to utilize the biogenic carbon dioxide generated as a side stream from the biogas upgrading process in Gasum’s biogas plants in Finland and Sweden.

Gasum currently operates a network of nine biogas plants and two upgrading plants in Finland as well as seven biogas plants in Sweden. In addition, Gasum is developing several biogas plant projects in the Nordic countries.

Gasum’s biogas plants presently have a production capacity of approximately 800 GWh of biogas each year. Biogas use can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% compared with fossil fuels.

As a side stream, carbon dioxide (CO2) is also produced during the decomposition process. Gasum is now looking for solutions and partners to utilize this biogenic CO2 stream from the production of biogas. Gasum produces annually up to 114 000 tons of biogenic CO2 in the biogas upgrading process, of which nearly one third is in high concentration (>95% CO2).

Improving sustainability of biogas even further

Unlike CO2 from fossil fuels, biogenic CO2 from biogas plants originates from the decomposition of organic wastes and side-streams and is not considered a greenhouse gas emission. The biogenic CO2from biogas upgrading is today released into the atmosphere but capturing it could even further improve the sustainability of biogas.

Gasum is especially looking for a partner (a company or a consortium) with near commercial solutions and interest to take the lead in creating value from the biogenic CO2 produced at Gasum biogas plants. With the winning team(s) of the Hackathon, depending on the maturity of idea and feasibility of the business case, Gasum is willing to continue, for example, with commercial negotiations and joint feasibility study or basic engineering.

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