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Valenciaport to train 5,000 truck drivers in a mobile application that will avoid queues and reduce CO2 emissions

  • ValenciaportPCS technicians will explain the use of this mobile phone application to drivers
  • The training on this digital tool, which will facilitate the day-to-day work of the carriers, will last between 10 and 15 minutes
  • The technicians will attend to the drivers in the transport support areas of the Port of Valencia and at the access gates to the container terminals of COSCO, APM and MSC for 35 days, from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 a.m. and 13:00 noon
  • The application will make it possible to consult transport orders, video cameras and other functionalities from the mobile phone

To train 5,000 truck drivers in 35 days in the use of an application (App) for mobile phones. This is the challenge that the Port of Valencia will be facing from Monday 16th January. A whole training company at the terminal that has set up the ValenciaportPCS -Port Community System- technological platform with the triple objective of reducing queues and waiting times for hauliers, speeding up container receptions and deliveries, and saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions.

For months, the Port Authority of Valencia (PAV) has been implementing various alternatives to further streamline import/export traffic in the Port of Valencia to avoid congestion in the management of loading and unloading, and in temporary storage, whether in dry ports, container depots or terminals. In this process, the most technological of these alternatives will experience a boost in the coming days.

From Monday, in the transport support areas of the Port of Valencia and at each access gate to the container terminals of COSCO, APM and MSC, there will be trainers from ValenciaportPCS who will explain to the truck drivers how to enter and how to save time by using the application (App) that the port has designed for the transporters. The trainers will be ready to give explanations and answer questions about the new “Hauliers’ App” both individually and in groups. The trainers will attend the truckers for 35 days, from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 am and 13:00 noon.

An explanation of 10 to 15 minutes will be enough to learn how to track in real time the status of transport orders with origin or destination at the terminals. Through the App, transport professionals can find out what time they have to be at the port to unload a container, detect incidents in delivery orders, modify the number plate on the transport order or view live – through the port’s CCTV camera network – the traffic situation at any point in the port area. These are some of the applications of this new tool designed to make the day-to-day work of the carriers more efficient, effective and convenient.

The PAV has installed information panels at the entrances to the three container terminals and in the transport service area. The mobile application can be downloaded on both Android and iOS via QR codes. In addition, explanatory videos have been included which can be accessed via QR.

Advancing in digitalisation to make work easier

ValenciaportPCS is a neutral and open electronic platform that enables the intelligent and secure exchange of information between public and private agents to improve the competitive position of our Port Community. This tool optimises, manages and automates port and logistics processes through a single transmission of data and by connecting the transport and logistics chains. ValenciaportPCS services provide its users with advanced management procedures with which they obtain greater efficiency in transactions, optimisation of resources, process automation, cost and time savings and better customer service.

Through ValenciaportPCS, nearly 1,100 companies and public bodies operate in the ports of Valencia, Sagunto and Gandia. Every day it manages more than 300,000 messages exchanged. Ships docking at the quays, containers coming and going, goods being loaded and unloaded. The ‘digital brain of the port’ counts and analyses any action that takes place in the areas managed by the PAV and the exchanges made by the companies using this digital tool.

Digitalisation is a priority in the PAV’s strategic plan, pioneers in tools such as ValenciaportPCS, which continues to advance in new services and increase the number of actors participating in this initiative.

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