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Yang Ming celebrates 50th Anniversary Sailing towards a sustainable future

Yang Ming Marine Transport celebrated its 50th anniversary on December 28th at the Grand Hotel Taipei, inviting distinguished guests including Wang Kwo-Tsai, Minister of Transportation and Communications, Tsai Ming-Yen, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, joint-venture partners, strategic alliance partners, important customers, long-term suppliers, and local financial institution representatives. The guests, together with Yang Ming, witnessed the Company’s remarkable accomplishments in the past half-century and gave their blessings to the Company sailing towards sustainability and the next 50 years of prosperity

For this occasion, President Tsai Ing-Wen gave her blessings in a pre-recorded special video in which she thanked the Taiwan-based Yang Ming for playing a significant role in Taiwan exports & imports and encouraged the Company to uphold its sustainable principles and deliver the goods to Taiwan and the whole world. Minister Wang pointed out that as Taiwan is surrounded by the ocean, about 90% of goods depend on marine transport. Yang Ming’s 50 years of operation has helped Taiwan’s economic development. The minister also thanked Yang Ming for supporting government policies by delivering essential supplies for Taiwan. Deputy Minister Tsai made a special mention of Yang Ming’s many humanitarian relief efforts and transport missions. Chairman Cheng mentioned that Yang Ming has been moving forward in a highly competitive market since its establishment. Started out with dry bulk transport services, the Company gradually developed into a global container shipping company. Yang Ming in 2020 exceeded 5 million TEU in annual business volume, now with a fleet of 95 ships the Company achieved record highs in revenues for the first three quarters of 2022. These accomplishments are the result of accumulated efforts over the past five decades and will serve as the solid foundation for the next 50 years of sustainable development.

The container shipping is highly competitive and closely linked to the changes of the global economy. Therefore, Yang Ming prioritizes its sustainable development to always take the lead. To meet the expectations of our customers, shareholders, employees, competent authorities, and other stakeholders, the Company has dedicated in developing digitalization, optimizing its fleet, improving employee welfare, cultivating industry talents and realizing integrity of business operation and corporate governance. To staying on top in the ever-changing industry, the Company has made necessary changes in terms of the long-to-short global supply chains, and the urgency of net zero emission by 2050. For instance, Yang Ming is the first shipping company in Taiwan that sets to build LNG ships. In addition, the Company has been investing in the research and cooperation on clean energies, strengthening digitalization and smart applications of ships and internal procedures in order to enhance carbon reduction and operation efficiency. Also, Yang Ming continues to diversity its businesses by investing in terminal and logistics so as to create a competitive niche. With container shipping being the center, the upstream and downstream businesses will become an integrated network for sustainable development. Yang Ming will move towards the net zero emission and realize the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

On top of the great event on December 28, Yang Ming also organized a series of events to celebrate its 50th anniversary. These events include harbor cleanups to protect the environment, coral restoration to preserve marine biodiversity, Yang Ming Sports Day to promote sport culture, and internal flee market charity sale to increase community charitable engagement. By encouraging employees to participate in these activities, Yang Ming is seeking to strengthen teamwork, and fulfil corporate responsibilities. In 2022, the Company received awards at the 15th Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) and the 18th National Sustainable Development Awards Ceremony. These awards are the acknowledgement of the Company’s sustainable efforts. Looking ahead, Yang Ming will sail towards the next 50 years with steady revenues, energy saving and low emission, digital and smart management, while achieving the ESG requirements along the way.

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