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Valenciaport takes part in a European project to analyse the impact of weather variations on port facilities

The Port Authority of Valencia is part of ECCLIPSE

The initiative analyses the atmospheric variables over a medium and long term time horizon in order to know the future climatic conditions in the ports

 The port facilities managed by the Port Authority of Valencia  are already preparing for the meteorological variations that may arise in the coming years. Valenciaport is participating in the European project Evaluation of Climate Change in the Ports of Southwest Europe , which analyses the impact of climatic conditions over a medium and long-term time horizon.

This initiative, financed with funds from the European Union within the Interreg Sudoe programme, aims to know the future meteorological circumstances in the ports of Europe to be able to adapt them in sufficient time and form to minimise damage and take advantage of the opportunities arising from changes in the climate scenario.

This European project has the participation of the Valenciaport Foundation, Puertos del Estado, Hidromod, Cerema and the Foundation for Climate Research. In addition to the ports managed by the APV, the sites of Aveiro (Portugal) and Bordeaux (France) are also part of this initiative. ECCLIPSE identifies the climate change scenarios and their effects – on variables such as rainfall, temperature or winds – in the ports of Valencia, Sagunto and Gandia in order to adapt their infrastructures, machinery and operability.

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