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Kemppi welds stoves for Ukraine in cooperation with companies in the Lahti region

Kemppi organizes a stove welding day, where companies from Lahti region have been invited. By organizing the welding day, Kemppi responds to the challenge of LUT University  to help Ukrainians. Stoves can be used to heat apartments and cook food. The purpose is to help Ukrainians suffering from energy shortages. Many Ukrainians have no electricity or heat distribution after the Russian bombings.

Companies VS-Welding Oy, Speweld Service Oy, Halton Marine Oy, Peikko Finland Oy and Kouvola Vocational Institute Ltd., Eduko responded to Kemppi’s invitation to participate in the welding day. More than thirty companies from all over Finland have already participated in LUT University’s challenge.

“The situation in Ukraine is very challenging because of the destruction caused by the Russian attacks. Electricity and heating disruptions are significant. By making stoves, we can make people’s lives a bit easier in the midst of war. This is a unique project, and we are honored to be part of,” says Aarno Laine, Director, Domestic Sales, Kemppi Oy.

Dozens of stoves intended for households are manufactured at LUT and transported to Ukrainians suffering from energy shortages. This is the university’s mechanical engineering students’ and staff’s project, where the stoves are made as part of the course exercises. Kemppi, which now organizes the welding day, also participated in the project by sending a welder to Lappeenranta for two days.

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