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Ariane 5 successfully launched three satellites

  • ArianeGroup and Arianespace conducted the 115th Ariane 5 launch, its 3rd launch of the year.
  • Europe’s Ariane 5 ECA heavy-lift launcher once again demonstrates its exceptional adaptability and reliability orbiting three satellites and achieving the second highest performance in its history.
  • The mission orbited the MTG-I1 new generation meteorological satellite for EUMETSAT, manufactured by Thales Alenia Space and developed in collaboration with the European Space Agency , and the Galaxy 35 and Galaxy 36 telecommunication satellites, manufactured by Maxar  for Intelsat.

By delivering 10.972 tons to geostationary orbit, Ariane 5 achieved its second highest performance after the launch of Syracuse A4 and SES-17 in October 2021. The Ariane 5 was adapted for this mission so that it could accommodate three satellites under its fairing. This triple configuration is made possible by a raising cylinder and a long fairing, increasing the space allocated to the satellites by 20m3. This is the third time in its history that Ariane 5 has done a triple launch.

After this mission, just two Ariane 5 launches are left, including the JUICE mission, before Ariane 6 takes up the baton, supporting Europe’s institutional missions and meeting the growing needs of the commercial market.

The Ariane 5 heavy-lift launcher is an ESA program carried out in cooperation between public institutions and industry across 12 European partner states. The launches are operated by Arianespace.

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