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Provaris stakeholder meeting reconfirms support for Tiwi H2


  • Stakeholder meeting held 5 December 2022 reconfirms Munupi landowner support for Tiwi H2 to proceed with existing permissions granted for on-country geotechnical survey, solar monitoring, and commencement of Section 19 land agreement drafting.
  • Permissions have been provided to support an Early Works Program to advance the design of the Solar Precinct and supporting activities with respect to the EIS submission in late 2023.
  • Provaris’ recent appointment of Darwin-based Lindsay Whiting as Facilitation Manager for the Tiwi H2 project ensures the Munupi clan and other Tiwi community members will receive continued consultation on the potential risks, impacts and benefits of a hydrogen export proposed for Melville Island.

Provaris Energy is pleased to update shareholders on the outcomes of a Tiwi H2 stakeholder meeting held in Darwin on 5 December 2022, where the Tiwi Land Council has reiterated the support for the Tiwi H2 export hydrogen development project underway and to progress with permissions granted, including the request for Provaris to commence drafting various land agreements required for the project.

During 2021 and 2022, several consultation meetings with the Munupi Clan group have resulted in specific permissions being granted for on-country activities to support the completion of the Design Concept Study and NT EPA Referral Submission. Further permissions have also been granted for future activities which include aerial drone surveys and geotechnical survey program to better define the Solar Precinct and transmission line down the Port Melville industrial zone.

In parallel to the on-country permissions, the TLC and Provaris will commence Section 19 Lease drafting and negotiations, in parallel with drafting and negotiating the Relinquishment Agreement with TPC. The purpose of such negotiations are to clarify the value and definition of the annual multi-million community benefits package the Tiwi H2 project could bring to the Munupi Clan and Tiwi People.

Garry Triglavcanin, Provaris Executive Director & Chief Development Officer, commented: “Provaris’ consultation with the Munupi clan commenced in October 2021 to ensure that all required permissions and support continued to grow as the Tiwi H2 project matures through the development stages. We thank the Munupi clan for the spirit of consultation to date and permissions granted, and now look forward to developing the benefits to the community in parallel with the drafting and execution of all land agreements required during detailed feasibility stages.”

Lindsay Whiting, Tiwi H2 Facilitation Manager, added: “With an appreciation of the concerns of past experiences for the Tiwi people, my role is to work with the Munupi clan, relevant Tiwi stakeholders and Provaris to ensure that all required consultation processes are followed and that the Tiwi H2 project can balance commercial and technical success, with a respect for the cultural heritage of their country and deliver generational benefits.”

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