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Cox Marine Showcases cleaned Technology Innovations and Safety Benefits of Record-Breaking CXO300 at International Workboat Show

Cox Marine's CXO300 offers significant benefits to commercial operators, demonstrated by distributor Texas Diesel Outboard, pictured out on triple installation 'Justified' near the oil rigs

Leading outboard innovator and CXO300™ engine manufacturer Cox Marine® will reveal new green technology advances, an historic speed record and a strengthened U.S. presence at the International Workboat Show this year.

Enhancing its capabilities to bring an advanced marine propulsion option to the market surpassing environmental standards, the company’s latest achievements support the use of HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil). The developments further augment the ground-breaking engine’s proven safety, fuel efficiency, reliability and cost-cutting benefits for the global commercial workboat market.

The CXO300, a commercially rated diesel-powered outboard, is now providing an increasing number of workboat users in the U.S. and across the world with reduced maintenance and haul-out costs, reducing disruption to the vessel’s operation. Delivering 479lb.ft torque at 2250-3000rpm and up to 30% better fuel efficiency compared to a 300hp gasoline outboard, the features of the CXO300 enable the craft to move more weight more efficiently and in a more controlled and smooth manner. The engine offers a service life that is three times the average outboard and produces 20-35% less CO2 emissions than comparable gasoline outboards, contributing to global efforts to protect natural environments.

Adding to the established advantages, for the first time at the IWBS, Cox Marine will highlight evidence of the CXO300’s high performance using HVO fuel propellent, demonstrating its commitment to environment excellence. The announcement comes after the British manufacturer recorded the industry’s first ever Diesel Outboard World* Speed Record at Coniston Water in Cumbria earlier this month. In the first official debut of HVO fuel propellent in the CXO300 outboard, the record run achieved an average speed of 62.27mph.

HVO, unlike traditional fossil derived diesel, is synthesised from 100% renewable raw materials such as vegetable oils, animal oils and fats, which reduces net CO2 greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 90%. The CXO300 runs on HVO out of the box with no modification and all existing warrantees and service schedules are maintained whether the CXO300 is run on diesel or HVO. With initial runs being carried out on regular diesel, before switching over to HVO100 fuel, Cox Marine’s internal testing have shown a 28% fuel saving over an equivalent 300hp gasoline engine and net CO2 emissions reductions of 92%.

Cox Marine continues to build its distributor network strength and regional coverage across the world, with particular emphasis on the key U.S. market. Experienced diesel engine and marine industry sales specialist Doug Ross was appointed this year as Regional Sales Director, North America, to lead Cox Marine’s sales strategy, overseeing all business channels in the country and working closely with the U.S. distributors to stimulate growth.

“We are looking forward to returning to the International Workboat Show this year following the latest exciting developments and during a period of high growth for the company in the U.S.,” said Doug. “There are many reasons why the high-performance CXO300 diesel outboard exceeds the expectations of commercial operators as an alternative propulsion choice. Offering increased safety, fuel efficiency, reduced maintenance and haul out costs and longer service intervals, the Cox outboard is designed to more than meet the challenges of commercial use. This month’s speed record using HVO fuel is further proof of the engine’s capabilities to deliver power and performance, without damaging our environment. The team will be ready to discuss why it makes sense to make the switch to the CXO300 with stand visitors and customers in New Orleans.”

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