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Provaris Energy announced key appointments to further advance the Tiwi H2’s 2023 development program

  • Appointment of Darwin-based Lindsay Whiting as Tiwi H2’s Facilitation Manager. Lindsay has a long family relationship with the Munupi clan and is a product of the Pirlangimpi community. Lindsay has previously worked as Manager of the Port Melville facility on the Tiwi Islands.
  • CE Partners undertaking early-works for ground survey and geotechnical, and appointed as Owner’s engineers to advance the Solar Precinct towards a 30% design level package ready late 2023, to then seek construction proposals and selection of a preferred EPC contractor in early 2024.
  • In parallel, Darwin-based EcOz has been appointed as lead Environmental Consultant to commence the preparation for submission of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in 2023.
  • Appointment of Darwin-based legal advisors, WardKeller, to commence drafting and negotiating various land agreements required for the Tiwi H2 project.
  • Recent marketing trip with Total Eren to Japan and Singapore highlighted offtake opportunities for green H2 export from Australia in line with Tiwi H2 development schedule.

Provaris Energy announced key appointments to further advance the Tiwi H2’s 2023 development program across the key workstreams that will lead to detailed project feasibility, land agreements and environmental approvals.

The Company is delighted to make the appointment of Darwin-based Lindsay Whiting to the Tiwi H2 project team as Facilitation Manager, to assist with the delivery of the project’s key milestones. Lindsay has a long family relationship with the Munupi clan, and as a previous Manager at Port Melville operations, Lindsay’s appointment provides the Tiwi H2 project with a significant increase to our stakeholder engagement activities, assisting the development and execution of various land agreements which will provide future economic, employment and social benefits to the Munupi clan and Tiwi community.

Provaris is also pleased to advise the further appointments of EcOz as lead environmental consultant for all Territory and Federal approvals, including the preparation of the required EIS submission in 2023, and CE Partners have been appointed as Owner’s engineer to cover the detailed design of the renewable generation component of the project. This comprises the solar farm, battery energy storage system, substations and transmission line connection to the H2 Production Precinct.

Provaris’ Executive Director and Chief Development Officer, Garry Triglavcanin commented:“The appointment of Lindsay Whiting is a welcome addition for the Tiwi H2 project team who provides the Company with operating experience on the Tiwi Islands, and strong stakeholders relationship in the community. EcOz and CE Partners are key appointments in maturing the project through detailed design.

Provaris continues to demonstrate its leadership in the development of an export hydrogen project with the commencement of an early-works program based on the development across technical, approvals and commercials, and in parallel we will seek to formalize key land agreements that can provide long-term benefits to the Tiwi community and the Territory.”

Lindsay Whiting commented: “I look forward to being part of the Tiwi H2 project team, working towards the achievement of key project milestones and targets set by the Company. My contribution to the project is based on my experience and local community knowledge, I see my role predominantly is to provide an open and honest dialogue between the key stakeholders, Provaris and Munupi. Most importantly ensuring the Munupi family is front and centre of the discussion, for the future economic development on the island, employment, social benefits and protection of environment.”

Lindsay is a proud indigenous man born in Darwin with deep experience in the construction industry, predominantly in remote regions of northern Australia. He has also spent many years working in the maritime industry in both land and sea-based roles. Key roles include Port Manager of the Port Melville facility, Pilot Boat Master and Port Facility Security Officer. Lindsay has teamed up with partners and created Apsley NT, a newly established business applying indepth knowledge of each client’s site to deliver quality work, safely and on time.

Provaris Managing Director & CEO, Martin Carolan commented: “The commencement of early works for the Tiwi H2 project’s detailed design phase in 2023 is an important milestone for the company as we continue to demonstrate our commitment to developing a hydrogen export project from Northern Australia. Tiwi H2 is being positioned as an early supplier of commercial-scale volumes for the South-East Asia region.

Our recent marketing trip to Japan and Singapore confirmed the region’s demand for a H2 import solution before 2030, whilst also increasing the awareness of compressed H2 as an alternative and commercially competitive carrier for H2 supported by a simple low-capex import infrastructure to establish supply chains for power generation and heat applications such as green steel.

The development of the H2Neo carrier’s ‘first mover’ status for gaseous H2 remains on track for further milestones in 2022.”

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