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Danish Maritime Officers intends to be sole union partner for Danish Shipping

Jens M Sorensen, chairman DMO

The shipowner organisation, Danish Shipping, has combined their two sub-organisations into one, and will going forward only have one collective bargaining agreement with the Danish navigators on Danish-flagged ships.

Danish Maritime Officers welcome this development. As DMO organize the vast majority of Danish navigators, and is the biggest maritime union in Denmark, DMO will be the natural partner Danish Shipping.

“We are at the beginning of a process, which will decide how the Danish navigators will be organized in the future,” says Jens M. Sørensen, chairman of DMO.

As a co-owner and founder of Danish pension giant PFA, DMO also helps its members with their retirement scheme, loss of license insurance and other health-related benefits

DMO organise more than 250 senior officers and captains sailing long haul with Maersk in addition to Danish senior officers with Torm, Norden and other renowned Danish shipowners. Furthermore, DMO has around 2000 members who work in the Danish ferries, offshore and pilot companies, at sea as well as on land.

DMO is a member of International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), Nordic Navigators, European Transport Federation, IFSMA and Nautilus and the primary union representative of Danish navigators and captains.

Source: Danish Shipping

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