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IMMERSEAV Virtual Environments a member of Prevention at Sea Group partners with the Faculty of Maritime Studies University of Rijeka

Prevention at Sea  and the Faculty of Maritime Studies  have entered into an important collaboration with respect to IMMERSEAV, the newly established company by P@S Group. IMMERSEAV is a VR experiential competency and cognitive profiling tool for seafarers and shipping professionals. It is a Virtual Reality system combining wireless VR headset and an online monitoring platform, immersing seafarers into realistic day to day ship operations. It consists of a library of VR Maritime courses aiming at shaping the seafarers’ safety behavior profile, monitoring their cognitive functions and mental health as well as identifying training needs, improving competency, familiarization with ship systems and forming a personalized training scheme per individual.

Under this partnership, both parties will work collaboratively to collect big data via the participation of a large and wide pool of seafarers, maritime professionals and students in Croatia. The data will be utilized for creating competency and cognitive functions indicators for benchmarking. Commenting on the partnership,Prof. Vlado Frančić, Vice-Dean of Professional Training & Development from the Faculty of Maritime Studies commented: “We are pleased to be a part of this interesting and valuable project and to cooperate with P@S, one of the leading companies dealing with improvement of safety in maritime industry. Our partnership will undoubtably contribute to the future development and implementation of IMMERSEAV as the stateof-the art training opportunities for maritime professionals”.

Mr. Petros Achtypis P@S CEO said: “We are extremely proud for IMMERSEAV cooperating with the Faculty of Maritime Studies of the University of Rijeka, one of the oldest maritime academies in the world. Our alliance is driven by a mutual goal which is to make a purposeful and significant contribution towards the improvement of safety in the maritime industry. We join forces to make PREVENTION a habit across the industry.”

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