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China Classification Society verified SEEMP PART III compliance for the first time and issued compliance certificate to 26 VLOCs operated by Hong Kong Ming Wah

On the 26th of August 2022, China Classification Society (CCS) issued the certificate of compliance with the part III of ship energy efficiency management plan (SEEMP-III) to 26 very large ore carriers (VLOC) operated by China Merchants Energy Shipping (CMES) Hong Kong Ming Wah Shipping Co., Ltd. (HKMW). HKMW is the first shipping company to obtain the CCS SEEMP-III appraisal.

At the award ceremony of certificate handover, Mr. Jinti Zhang – the general manager of HKMW stressed that “HKMW as the first shipping company which obtains SEEMP-III appraisal from CCS, we will strengthen to consolidate global climate governance, China’s “dual carbon goals” and promoting the decarbonization transformation development of the maritime industry. HKMW actively to develop applications of new technology and intellectualization on ships, and significant results have been achieved in the decarbonization of the fleet based on the application of energy saving  and intelligent digital technology”

At the end of the ceremony, both parties happily agreed to continue to strengthen cooperation and research on improving ship energy efficiency, optimizing ship navigation routes, enhancing fleet competitiveness, improving ship streamline, alternative fuel applications, and technological breakthroughs in low-carbon emission ships.

As a practitioner and pioneer of green transition, CMES greatly promotes the research and development of green ships and achieve  the “dual carbon goals”; As CCS is one of the world-leading classification societies with comprehensive knowledge and technological advantages, it is committed to being a leader in promoting the transition and development of green shipping. Since 2020, both parties have conducted more than 20 conferences and cooperation based on the agreed strategic collaboration. So far, they have achieved significant outcomes in existing Ship Energy Efficiency Index (EEXI), Ship Operation Carbon Intensity Index (CII), Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan Part III (SEEMP-III), alternative fuel ship streamlines, carbon levy/tax and dual carbon policy research, etc.

Following the most recent requirements on energy efficiency which regulated by Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC78) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) June 2022, CCS developed SEEMP PART III automatic programming function and CII calculation  rating function module in the ship energy efficiency management system to meet the latest requirements. With this newly added function which is user friendly and highly efficient, HKMW and CCS Hong Kong Branch worked closely together for SEEMP-III compliance to 26 VLOCs operated by HKMW.

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