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Safe Bulkers announces annual scholarship programme for 2022-2023

SAFE BULKERS CEO, Polys V. Hajioannou

SAFE BULKERS and its CEO, Polys V. Hajioannou, in the context of the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy are pleased to announce the scholarship program for the year 2022.

The program consists of ten (10) scholarships that will be granted to students, either Cypriot citizens or Greek citizens settled in Cyprus, who are attending studies at universities in Greece and the United Kingdom. An amount of 10,000 Euro per scholarship shall be awarded based on the academic merit and financial status of the participants. The Scholarship program is announced on an annual basis and aims to continue the following years to support young men and women in Cyprus who wish to study in specific fields abroad, recognizing their high academic performance. The scholarships concern students graduating from Educational Institutions in Cyprus (Lyceum), as well as students who are already attending respective Universities abroad.

In specific, the scholarships are related to undergraduate or postgraduate studies (Master) in the fields of:

  • Postgraduate studies (Master) at SHIPPING LAW in the United Kingdom.


  • Lyceum graduates: Certificate of acceptance from a respective University. Cyprus Apolytirion grade (min 18.0) or A-levels in Mathematics or Physics (min B) will be considered.
  • UK University students: Average yearly grade over 60% or 2.1.
  • Students of Universities of Greece: Average yearly grade over 6.5.
  • Postgraduate studies for Masters (M.Sc.) in the United Kingdom: Degree in Hellenic Polytechnic with grade 7.5 or from a University of the United Kingdom with grade 2.1.


  • Family status.
  • Family income.

If you are interested to apply for the program, you can visit www.safebulkers.com and fill out online the electronic application form with the requested information.

Applications for the academic year 2022-2023 must be submitted to the company not later than SEPTEMBER 16th, 2022.

The final awards for this year’s applicants will take place in the beginning of October 2022.

In case of any inquiries or clarifications regarding the scholarship program, you can contact Safe Bulkers via e-mail: ypotrofies@safebulkers.com

Supporting documentation and certifications can be provided at a later stage until the beginning of the academic year.

The pre-approval of the scholarship will be based on the Application, while the final approval will be confirmed upon submission of the required supporting documents.

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