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The Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry welcomes the passing of the Merchant Shipping Amending Law by the House of Representatives

The Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry welcomes the passing by the Plenary of the House of Representatives, of the amending Law regarding the Issuing and Recognition of Seafarers’ Certificates and Maritime Education, according to which a holistic approach is taken to issues concerning seafarers and especially their education.

The passing of the aforementioned amending law, regulates issues which over time have shown that they needed clarification so that they correspond to the current and foreseen realities and at the same time introduces new regulations especially in relation to the Maritime Training Schools.

Important for the attractiveness of the maritime profession is the clarification of the issues regarding the calculation and proof of seafarers’ sea service as well as their educational qualifications.

In addition, a substantial step is taken towards digitization and the abolition of paper certificates, a development resulting from the international trend and practice. It is now possible to issue, by decision of the Shipping Deputy Minister, in digital format only, certificates of competence, their visas, certificates of proficiency and supporting documents of seafarers.

Essentially, the regulation in relation to Maritime Training Schools is attempted by introducing provisions regarding their operation. The new provisions have the sole purpose of protecting seafarers regarding the school they will choose to train and target the courses they will follow and the certificates issued.

Specifically, according to the amending law, seafarers are trained only by recognised maritime training schools that provide approved training programs. The Shipping Deputy Ministry supports and strengthens the maritime profession over time with actions that seek, above all others, to attract young people to this field of work.

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