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Samsung, SK and LG focusing on AI Chips

Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix and LG Electronics are developing AI semiconductors.

Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix demonstrated their processing-in-memory  chips at Artificial Intelligence Circuits and Systems 2022, which took place in Incheon on June 14.

Samsung Electronics’ PIM chip, HBM-PIM, was developed in February last year based on a high-bandwidth memory. The chip, equipped with an AI engine, is 200 percent and 30 percent of its previous development in terms of performance and power consumption, respectively.

SK Hynix’s PIM chip is GDDR6-Accelerator in Memory (AiM), which a GDDR6 memory capable of arithmetic operations. According to the company, a 16-fold increase in arithmetic operation rate can be attained when GDDR6-AiM instead of an ordinary DRAM is used with central and graphics processing units. SK Hynix is also working on GDDR6-AiM-AI chip combinations.

LG Electronics recently demonstrated AI SoC LG 8111 and microcontroller unit LG 8211, which are expected to be used in a variety of consumer electronics products so that their functions can be upgraded continuously. LG Electronics’ AI chip use has been limited to its TV products, but the new AI SoC and microcontroller unit can be used in robot cleaners, washing machines, refrigerators, and so on. The design and development was conducted by the LG SIC Center and manufacturing will be carried out by TSMC.

Source: BusinessKorea

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