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New MoU underlines The Nautical Institute’s commitment to the marine environment

Nautical Institute CEO, Captain John Lloyd, and HELMEPA's Director General Ms Olga Stavropoulou, sign the new MoU.

The Nautical Institute  is pleased to announce that it has signed a new Memorandum of Understanding with the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association, the organisation founded in 1982 by Greek shipowners and seafarers to develop and nurture an environmental consciousness throughout shipping by informing and educating.

The MoU, which replaces the previous agreement between the two organisations, outlines the areas of common interest and promises to explore synergies that foster:

  • Marine environment protection
  • Maritime safety and wellness
  • Seafarers’ training
  • Awareness raising in the context of sustainable development
  • The possibility of collaboration

The MoU will be in effect for 5 years and reflects the many ways the two non-governmental organisations display similar commitment and dedication to the protection and sustainability of the marine environment.

The Nautical Institute’s CEO, Captain John Lloyd, said: “I am delighted that we have signed this new Memorandum of Understanding with HELMEPA as our interests are aligned in a number of ways. The NI aims to promote professionalism, best practice and safety throughout the maritime industry and is dedicated to improving the standards of those involved in the control of seagoing craft. Protecting the marine environment as well as promoting the highest standards of safety and wellness among seafarers, including the provision of excellent training, all contribute to the overall sustainability of the maritime sector. We look forward to a close relationship between our two organisations.”

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