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First female Tug Master in Cyprus to join P&O Maritime Logistics team

P&O Maritime Logistics is delighted to announce the appointment of 31-year-old Argyri Charista, from Halkidiki as the Port of Limassol’s Tug Master.

Argyri joined us in April 2021 under P&O Maritime Logistics’ cadet scheme having previous years of maritime experience, on seagoing ships Bulk Carries. Starting her training at our headquarters in Dubai, she gained invaluable experience in manoeuvring tugboats in the port of “Jebel Ali”, before returning to Cyprus to complete the her training program. She has recently taken on her own tug with her crew.

Tug Masters steer the tugs, these extremely powerful high horsepower vessels which require a strong skillset and good knowledge of the waters, the weather, the port and their highest concern is the safe manoeuvring of vessels, always in consultation with the Marine Pilots of our Company but also with the Captains of the ships, even under adverse weather conditions. Argyri’s passion for the sea, her desire to learn, and her zeal for the industry set her apart in a traditionally male dominated profession. We couldn’t be more pleased to welcome Argyri to her new role.

Argyri adds that:

‘There are not many opportunities for women in our profession which makes me feel lucky and privileged. I am thankful for the people at P&O Maritime Logistics, who have put their trust in me and have given me this huge opportunity. I will work every day to live up to, if not exceed, their expectations. Doing that helps me push my limits and become better at what I do. It is harder for women to land jobs in this profession. This shouldn’t hold them back though. Everyone, myself included, should fight for their dreams until they land on them. I am a living example that this might be hard but not impossible. We just need to arm ourselves with strength, patience and persistence’

The Human Resources Manager of P&O Maritime Logistics Cyprus, Mrs. Monica Potsou said:

“P&O Maritime Logistics is an is an equal opportunities employer. For this reason, hiring Argyri was for us a normal development after a series of interviews. What won us over during the interviews was her passion for the sea, her desire to learn, her zeal and perseverance, characteristics that set her apart and characterize her so far together with her high professionalism. We could not but be proud to welcome Argyri to her new role and it is fantastic to see the professional development of women all around our business, forging the path for others to follow. We want to empower all women to pursue opportunities within the shipping industry, and it is great have appointed such a high achieving employee in this role. .”

It is well known that shipping in general is a traditionally male-dominated profession. Especially women on Tug Boats are still rare around the world. On behalf of the Management of P&O Maritime Logistics, we wish our captainess, good luck in her new duties, and we will always be next to her in her professional career.

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