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Danaos Corporation announces the ordering of four 7,200 TEU Containerships

Dr. John Coustas, Danaos, CEO

Danaos Corporation , one of the world’s largest independent owners of containerships, announced today that it has placed orders for four 7,200 TEU containerships. The vessels will be built at Daehan Shipbuilding in Korea and are expected to be delivered to Danaos in the first half of 2024.

The vessels will be methanol fuel ready, will come with open loop scrubbers and will be built in accordance with the latest requirements of the International Maritime Organization  in relation to Tier III emission standards and Energy Efficiency Design Index  Phase III.

The Company’s CEO, Dr. John Coustas, commented:

“We are very pleased to announce the commissioning of four 7,200 TEU containerships. These vessels are at the forefront of new technology, come with the latest specifications on emissions requirements and are methanol ready. With this order Danaos continues to solidify its position as one of the major players in the containership market worldwide.

The current world developments are pointing out to significantly elevated fuel prices in the future and bearing in mind the uncertainty of green fuel availability we are following a strategy of investing into the most fuel-efficient vessels together with scrubbers that will minimize the fuel cost while maintaining the option to modify the vessels into green methanol use when the fuel will be available. This strategy removes the risk of technical obsolescence while it delivers short and medium term benefits on the fuel cost front. Further the midsize segment is the one which is most underbuilt, and replacement will be required. We will continue to work to maximize our profitability and secure more accretive transactions with a focus on creating value for our shareholders.”

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