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The 3rd International Ship Autonomy and Sustainability Summit goes physical

The 3rd International Ship Autonomy and Sustainability Summit takes place during Nor-Shipping 2022, on April 5th.  After the first Summit, arranged in Oslo during Nor-Shipping 2019, the 2020 Summit was fully virtual and broadcasted from Brussels to more than 600 participants around the world. This year’s Summit will be physical and arranged by Norwegian Forum for Autonomous Shipsin cooperation with EU’s Directorate General for Transport , and Nor-Shipping.

Magda Kopczynska, Director of DG MOVE Waterborne, will be amongst the keynote summit speakers, and comments: “Ship autonomy is surrounded by much uncertainty, but it continues towards maturity. EU supports these developments through several research projects, but we are also committed to provide realistic and up to date information about possibilities and obstacles to the wider user community. Our participation in the summit is a critical part in this effort.”

The Summit is the internationally leading meeting place for authorities, industry, and research working with autonomous and smart ships.  It is, notes Nor-Shipping Director Sidsel Norvik, “a unique gathering of global expertise for a subject central to the future of shipping.”

Status of national and international legislation

Svein David Medhaug, Lead of Digital and Smart Ships in the Norwegian Maritime Authority, says that “COVID has delayed the international processes, but we expect that IMO in late April will adopt a roadmap for development of international regulatory instruments”.

However, the legislative process will take time and the Summit will look closer at IMO as well as other national and regional initiatives to allow autonomous ships to operate. This also includes legal and economic risks associated with today’s maritime law.

Towards practical implementation of ship autonomy

“Ship autonomy has been surrounded by some hype and unrealistic expectations, but this is now changing. Leading national and international projects are now using autonomy to create more sustainable transport systems”, says Ørnulf Jan Rødseth, manager of NFAS and the moderator of the Summit’s panel discussions.

The Summit features the leading international projects developing autonomous ship solutions and will present these projects’ approach to practical use of autonomy,

Digitalization and the intelligent maritime transport system

Autonomy is a part of the general digitalization and automation efforts in the shipping sector. The Summit will also show how a more intelligent, but not necessarily autonomous maritime transport system is already taking shape.

“Digitalization is a prerequisite for autonomy, but for the existing fleet and for future conventional ships, digitalization and standardization are critical factors in making shipping more efficient and sustainable”, says Jeppe Skovbakke Juhl, Manager, Maritime Safety & Security, BIMCO.

More information

The Summit and the following drinks and finger-food reception will be a physical event without any COVID-19 restrictions. However, virtual attendance is also available for those that cannot be there in person.  For the full program and information about tickets see https://www.nor-shipping.com/autonomy-summit/#event/3122.

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