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Cyprus representation in the Eurocean’s Youth Network – Ambassadors of the Maritime World

‘Eurocean’s Youth‘ is the first network of young European Maritime Ambassadors, aiming to develop and promote the youth’s vision for a sustainable future of our Ocean. This network was developed by the Surfrider Foundation Europe with the support of the French Ministry of the Sea and Youth4Ocean (initiated by the DG MARE), considering it an Ocean Decade Activity.

CMMI’s Junior Scientist Despina Kyriakoudi and PhD student of Aix-Marseille University  & University of Cyprus Judith Gatt have been selected as Eurocean’s Youth Ambassadors to represent Cyprus in this European network. Through a series of webinars, workshops and discussions, the young European activists have developed recommendations for the sustainable future of maritime transport and the evolution of careers in maritime professions.

During the Maritime Symposium, organised at the French Ministry of the Sea, the Eurocean’s Youth ambassadors presented the following recommendations to the French Minister for the Sea Annick Girardin and her European counterparts:

  1. Implement an EU-wide Maritime Surveillance and Enforcement Programme
  2. Invest in upskilling and reskilling of people employed in disappearing sectors to facilitate their transition to emerging sustainable jobs
  3. Create a Marine Erasmus+ programme combing education, job and networking opportunities to enhance knowledge transfer and raise awareness about maritime affairs
  4. Create a European platform to advance ocean literacy
  5. Introduce an Ocean Certification for public authorities in the EU
  6. Implement a new rating system for zero-emission vessels combing the EU MRV regulation and the IMO rating system. By 2040, ensure that only vessels with a rating are allowed in European water and ports
  7. Improve monitoring of water quality in the EU ports
  8. Ensure strict implementation of dredging rules with an ambition to introduce a dredging ban in the upcoming years
  9. Provide EU subsidies for training in autonomous vessels technology and promote this specialisation in maritime schools EU-wide
  10. Make government, private and EU funding available to the environmental transition of the shipping sector
  11. Facilitate the accession of shipowners to the Green Marine label by providing financial support to its certified members

More information: Official recommendations from Eurocean’s Youth ambassadors

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